Q&A | Steel & Oak Film Co.

Q&A | Steel & Oak Film Co.

We catch up with Ben Lumber from Steel & Oak Film Co. to chat about their style, obsessions and advice for the new generation of creative...

Ghost Club Co (GCC): How do you describe your style? 

Steel & Oak Film Co (S&O): On our website we’re described as RUSTIC/RAW/ROMANTIC! Relaxed vibes and lighthearted attitudes, we promise not to make you say ‘cheese’ for 4 hours straight and we’d like to apologise on behalf of our fellow photographer who do.

GCC: What equipment and software do you use to create your images and video?

S&O: Myself (Ben) and Hannah both shoot on the Sony a7iii I have just upgraded from the Sony a7s and Hannah has made the switch from Canon and we’ve both fallen in love with the camera. I’m currently editing all videos on Final Cut Pro X I find it to be an all round solid program and yet to give me any problems! Hannah edits her photos on Lightroom. 

GCC: What are you currently obsessed with and how is it feeding into your work?

S&O: I’m currently obsessed with short films and cinematic productions, I always set out to want to achieve a ‘cinematic look’ with everything I create and as mainly a wedding videographer I’m super enjoying putting that practice into wedding films and making something more than the bog standard wedding film. 

GCC: What do you think your unique skill(s) is that has helped you become successful?

S&O: I’m fortunate enough to have a partner that’s very business driven and she opened the door for me to start a business and eventually we made Steel & Oak. I’m also a super creative person I need to be making things with my camera I always have ideas for shoots and want to make them happen so being driven and dedicated to the craft has also really helped! 

GCC: What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the world of film and photography?

S&O: I’d say just practice a bunch like anything and know what you want to achieve and be your own creative, I think its really easy starting out to try and be like the photographer or videographer you look up to and its totally cool to take inspiration but find your own style and grow into it, I’ve made this mistake before and it puts you in a rut comparing work so just do what you love and your proud of. 

GCC: What makes an iconic brand? 

S&O: I think you just have to know what you want again! Who your target audience is and what clients you want to attract, it says it all in the brand. Keep everything consistent and do some research, it won’t come over night but you’ll get there eventually! 

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