Q&A | Holly Broome, Influencer

Q&A | Holly Broome, Influencer

We catch up with tattoo obsessed, Holly Broome, to delve into her style, how she blew up on social media and how she structures her days... 

Ghost Club Co (GCC): How do you describe your style? 

Holly Broome (HB): I wouldn’t really say I have a particular style. I wear whatever I like but usually end up wearing muted colours. I guess I fall into the scruffy tomboy, tattoo apparel category? I still wear some of the same clothes I’ve had for ten years! I’m just an over grown emo kid to be honest.

GCC: What can't you live without? 

HB: I can’t live without coffee. Soya milk with 1.5 sugars. 

GCC: What are you currently obsessed with and how is it feeding into your work?

HB: I guess I’m always obsessed with getting tattoos. I cant at the moment with the current lockdown but usually I get tattooed once a month on a Monday which is my day off! It’s certainly my favourite hobby. 

GCC: have a sizeable following on 'the gram' and are now building an audience on YouTube and TikTok, how do the platforms compare?

HB: I found that Instagram just fell into place at the beginning for me, I was really lucky. It’s really difficult to maintain your engagement and stay relevant though. YouTube is so difficult to make anything of yourself on these days which is why I only have 3K subscribers! TikTok for me personally is just a bunch of young lesbians all posting thirst traps for each other, it’s almost like tinder. I found TikTok the easiest to gain on though.

GCC: You've worked with a variety of clients across fashion, what do you think makes for an iconic brand?   

HB: I think having original designs and not using the same artists that everybody else is using is really important! Taking the time to get good content for your socials as well as using models that actually fit the brand. I think so many people are trying to or have tried to make their own brand recently and quite a few end up all looking the same. Have a clear vision and stick to it! Know what you want from the brand and where you want it to end up, know your consumer. Have realistic expectations and actually enjoy it! Have a clear vision and stick to it! Know what you want from the brand and where you want it to end up, know your consumer. Have realistic expectations and actually enjoy it! Don’t just make the cheapest product you can, anything made with effort won’t go unnoticed. 

GCC: How do you structure your days?

HB: I work full time as a barber and spend my two day’s off focusing on social media and doing any shoots and/or recording I have to do. It’s basically working 7 days a week at the moment but I’m hoping to cut down my barbering hours and do both part time so I still get a couple of days to myself! I think it was partly luck as well as putting the time and effort into growing it. Authenticity goes a long way. I do have a YouTube video on my channel about growing a genuine Instagram following, go check it out! 

GCC: What advice would you give to someone wanting to build a following online?

HB: Again it’s all covered in my video but I’d say you have to enjoy social media and have your own personal look that isn’t the same as everybody else. It’s really hard to get somewhere and everybody wants to do better than they are doing. 

GCC: What are your views on social media?

HB: I think social media is so powerful! I think it can do just as much harm as it can good. I personally love TikTok because it’s funny and it’s quite like vine. I think YouTube can be really informative and help teach you things you didn’t know before as well as having so many elements like movies and finding like minded people! I actually think Instagram is the most toxic social media but it can also be really good if it’s used in the right way. 

Check out Holly online:

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